Crafting around the Clock

Keeping my goal to spend a few minutes at the machine a day.. is working out wonderfully!!

It was fun to make some quick finishes…..and in honor of the Seahawks going to the Playoffs.


My Sister sent me a fabulous pin from Pinterest for this ChapStick carrier… and I whipped up quick gifts to give away! Go Hawks!

Here’s the Tutorial, if you need to make a few too!…It is from the blog Little Bit Funky….Click Here

Also…..Over the past few months, I have really enjoyed surfing Pinterest and finding lots of inspiration.  I am sure many of you have as well.  And most recently I am all about repurposing things when I can…  At work we have  left over  wooden wire reels..and I couldn’t resist bringing a couple of them home to make into Clocks.  Yep….Clocks… I was SO very Excited with how they turned out!  Here’s my most recent…


I gave this one to my neighbor as a belated Christmas gift.  He was Estatic and is a big Seattle Seahawks Fan. Here’s a couple pictures of the others that I made over the past few months….


They average between 30 and 50 inches in diameter and always turn out fantastic! Some have been gifts, other have been auctioned for fund raisers.  Everyone Loves them.

Making them has become quite addictive. *wink*  I have plans to make a few more, but will wait until the weather gets better..That last one was a bit chilly to get thru….

That’s it for now…

Till Next Time….

Christine L


3 thoughts on “Crafting around the Clock”

  1. I love these clocks! I have a large round that was a fake clock and was designed for a Halloween decoration. I wanted to turn it into a clock but have never found the mechanism and hands that were large enough. Where do you get yours?

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